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Jonathan Wicks grew up in rural Nebraska and began developing a strong work ethic early in life. Caring for livestock and working for local farmers, he was able to understand and appreciate hard work as a young person and used that experience to springboard his later ventures. While attending college in Northwest Indiana, he started a commercial cleaning business. He was able to successfully work and pay his way through college as a full time student and building a business that grew to multiple crews and 200k+ in revenue.

Jonathan had been introduced to the field service industry in high school. He performed various inspection and preservation work during the summers of his high school years. He founded JD Wicks Co. and began doing property inspections in the field service industry in the spring of 2009. He sold his cleaning business and began operating JD Wicks Co. full time shortly thereafter. Since then, JD Wicks Co. has grown to serve multiple clients in various states and services. A commitment to hard work and integrity continues to be the focal point of our company and will be as we move toward the future.

Our People

JD Wicks Co. is comprised of a committed team of excellent individuals. From our office staff to our field representatives, we ensure that each person is highly capable of doing an excellent job for our clients. Training is paramount at JD Wicks Co. With this ever changing industry, it is imperative that we enable our contractors with the most up to date information and regulations for them to be effective. Using technology and great communication, we swiftly and effectively train each of our field reps, and continue with a support system that allows them to be confident of the job they are doing. Our office staff consists of individuals with extensive experience that allows them to be the most effective in doing quality checks, training, and processing. Together, this tight knit team gives our clients unparalleled service and results.

Our Vision

JD Wicks Co. is excited about our future. We have several goals that provide the blueprint for both our present and what is to come.

  • Continually advance our technology to further enhance our abilities. We want to use technology as a tool to provide fast and top quality results to our clients. We are proud of our efforts to this cause thus far, and will continue promoting the usage of tools that give both our clients and our contractors an edge that enhances their lives and businesses.
  • Maintain our reputation as a fair and honest company. We work hard to provide not only our clients a great experience, but also our contractors. By providing and receiving fair and on time compensations, we want to maintain a team mentality with everyone that works with or for JD Wicks Co. Our company strives to remain one that brightens the lives of everyone it reaches.
  • Grow our services and coverage to our clients’ needs. We are working hard to provide a wide range of services and coverage areas to further grow our company. That growth will allow us to better serve our clients and their needs across the country and world.