JD Wicks Co. proudly provides the following services:

Occupancy Inspections:
These are orders where our clients are simply wanting to know if homes are occupied or vacant, as well as gather useful info about the property and condition.
Commercial Property Occupancy Inspections:
Similar to the above description, these orders entail the verification of occupancy of commercial properties.
Insurance Loss Draft Inspections:
These orders are to verify the amount of work completed on repair projects as requested by our clients.
Pre and Post Sale Property Preservation:
These orders are completed to ensure the protection of assets during the important period after the occupants have vacated a property. These services are critical to ensure the property is secure, safe, and protected from damages. Services include but are not limited to lock changes, grass cuts, repairs, winterizations, flood/mold work, tree trimming, and anything else that our clients request during this time.

REO Services:

These work orders are performed while a vacant property is listed on the market. From janitorial cleans that ensure proper presentation, to remodels/restorations that allow the property to be sold at top dollar, our services can greatly benefit the marketability of a property.