JD Wicks Co. proudly provides the following services:


Pre and Post Sale Property Preservation:
These orders are completed to ensure the protection of assets during the important period after the occupants have vacated a property. These services are critical to ensure the property is secure, safe, and protected from damages. Services include but are not limited to lock changes, grass cuts, repairs, winterizations, flood/mold work, tree trimming, and anything else that our clients request during this time.

REO Services:

These work orders are performed while a vacant property is listed on the market. From janitorial cleans that ensure proper presentation, to remodels/restorations that allow the property to be sold at top dollar, our services can greatly benefit the marketability of a property.

Demolition and Full Rehab Services:

We are experienced and competent in all aspects of demolition and full rehabs when properties are in need of a complete makeover. We work closely with the local municipalities to ensure that the entire community is bettered by our service.

Management Services:

We are able to service properties long term through management services. Whether residential or commercial, we are willing and able to serve your needs.